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We serve our community and clients with the freshest local produce, using innovative dirt-less technologies to provide the ultimate farm-to-table experience.

We know you’re passionate about good food. So are we, but beautiful produce is hard to find.
Interested in growing your own? Let us design a custom package that fits your needs.

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The modern , efficient way to better food.

Hydroponics allow us to farm virtually anywhere. Concerns over water and soil quality continue to grow as our world changes. The opportunity to grow fresh fruits and vegetables without soil is becoming not only an advantage, but a necessity.

We believe that the urban farming revolution is just beginning.

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Grow Your Own Farmers Market

Urban Farm Co. helps you grow nutritious and delicious vegetables and fruits, anywhere. Learn more about the environmental and economic advantages of our solutions for your home or business below.

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At Urban Farm Co., we embrace sustainable farming methods to grow the highest quality local fruits and vegetables.
You’re passionate about good food, so are we.

Growing Up

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Excited? Yeah, that’s an understatement. Getting our little company, Urban Farm Co., off the ground has been one of the most exhilarating rides. Entrepreneurship is definitely not for the weak of heart, mind or spirit. At the beginning of April we were definitely not prepared for what was in store for us. We’ve been put through...

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How Dallas Urban Farms Became Urban Farm Co.

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Since October 2015, a lot has changed. We are so thankful for all of your support on our journey to bringing amazing, locally grown produce to Dallas. Our story is simple. We saw where we could make a change in a flawed agriculture model, and we set out to do it. Our journey has been...

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What Money CAN Buy

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There’s something weird about money. Everyone scrambling for it. Money has caused fights and wars and corporate greed; just take a look around at the world we live in. Money is indeed a sketchy part of life and society. I enjoy having money, in fact, most folks that I know like to have money as...

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Deep Ellum Arts Festival 2015

Posted by on / 1 Comments

Max and and Jody, of Dallas Urban Farms, LLC are so stoked to have the privilege of being at the 2015 Deep Ellum Arts Festival. This year’s line up of artists and musicians is intense in its awesomeness. You can see the full schedule here. Want a little tip from Farmer Jody? Be sure to check out Jordan Franz!...

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Teaching Gardens

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Many teachers have recently discovered the importance of teaching our children and teens about sustainable food production solutions for the future. Students love to learn about food growth, it’s a very interactive discipline. From seed all the way to fruit or vegetable, there is such a wide range of valuable knowledge to be gained. Just...

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Social Outreach via Entrepreneurship

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I found a new (somewhat less) guilty pleasure on the History Channel recently – The Men Who Built America. It’s basically a dramatized version of the 1%, and how they came to dominate the economy of a modern United States. Individuals were running rampant across the country, forging the structure of nationwide commerce along the...

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